House Building Time Lapse

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This footage has been taken from Banner Homes Youtube Channel

This is a perfect example of showcasing work with a professional service, with hundreds and thousands of images carefully selected and edited into a fully post-produced sequence.

These video sequences can be then viewed, shared and embedded across multiple platforms easily, making it a visually engaging (not to mention, efficient), way for contractors to advertise themselves to the world.

House building are one of the most common Project Types when it comes to Time Lapse Video Creation. Time Lapse is a great way of showing a build or development from empty groundwork all the way to completion in a short amount of time. The way that it brings the whole project timeline to life is fantastic to showing potential new clients the quality of work and the full build process.

Platinum Drone Services is a company founded to provide Intelligent Security and Video solutions for businesses and consumers. Our vision is to become the number one trusted brand in the industry. Our Directors and Management team have all come from Security and Technology backgrounds and therefore all have a wide knowledge of the Security and Technology Industries.

Most importantly, by combining all the experience we have within the Security and Video Industries together means that the wealth of knowledge can be used to best serve the End User – Our Customers.

We understand that our Customers need to rely on us completely to protect their businesses. That is why every Security Solution we provide is personally overseen by one of our Directors to ensure we deliver the very highest Professional Standards each and every time.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve and increase the popularity of your business.

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