Our Cameras, Connectivity and Access Solution For Your Complete Confidence

Time Lapse Cameras

Getting a Quality Time Lapse Video is about more than just Megapixels. We use High Grade, IP Weatherproof Rated Cameras and Fixings to Ensure they Stand the "Test of Time"

Power Options

Just Like our CCTV Systems, Our Time Lapse Video Systems Can be Powered almost Anywhere with Mains, Generator, Methanol and Solar Options all Available with our Time Lapse Services


We can either use Internet Connectivity that you have installed at the Project Location or we can Provide Remote 4G / 5G Connectivity Through our Secure VPN Network

Time Lapse Cameras

Having the right Camera can make all the difference when it comes to creating the best Time Lapse Video. All of our Cameras that we use are stringently tested to ensure they give great clarity in image quality, whilst being rugged enough to withstand tough weather conditions. We have various differnt cameras up to a maximium Image Quality of 8K, however for most uses either HD or 4K is more than sufficient. We will ensure that the right type of Camera is used for your specific business goals.

Power Options

A lot of projects that are wanting Time Lapse Video Recording start off as just an empty space, with no power or connectivity options available due to the early stage of the project lifecycle. We can provide specialist power options just like we can for our CCTV Security side of the business with 110v / 240v, Generator, Methanol and Solar Powered systems all available.


Having a constant connection to the Time Lapse System is vital to creating a Time Lapse Video. We can use Internet connectivity that has already been installed on the project site or alternatively we can provide a 4G / 5G Industry Grade Connectivity Router to provide a strong stable connection. This connection provide you as the customer with a 24/7 Live View through the Camera so you can montior activity on site to keep updated on how the project is developing. It also gives the opportunity for Time Lapse Image Snapshots to be uploaded to our secure File Server based in our Control Room Operation in Leeds which you can access at any point in the project journey.

Bespoke Options Available

  • Standalone Camera Towers
  • Solar, Methanol and Mains Powered Options
  • 4G/5G Modem Connection for image uploads
  • Video Creation at any point during the project
  • In-Project Camera Relocations
  • Live access to video
  • Professional Video Creation from Timelapse Images
  • Incorporation into Security Systems

Up to 8K Ultra High Definition Video

High Quality Video Recording for Ultimate Detail

UK Wide Project Coverage

We Can Provide Timelapse Services Anywhere in the UK

Dedicated Project Manager

Complete Peace of Mind that your Project is in Capable Hands

Professional Video Creation

Completed Video Created at the End of Your Poject

Live Video Stream Viewing

Access to a Live Video Stream of your Project 24 Hours a Day

Unlimited Access to Images

Access to Timelapse Images at any Point in Time