Project Type Examples

Let Time Lapse Video Work For Your Business Growth

Construction Sites

Construction Sites are one of the most common Project Types when it comes to Time Lapse Video Creation. Time Lapse is a great way of showing a build or development from empty groundwork all the way to completion in a short amount of time. The way that it brings the whole project timeline to life is fantastic to showing potential new clients the quality of work and the full build process.

Common Time Lapse Video Projects for Construction

  • House Developments
  • Industrial Parks
  • Highways Works
  • Railway Developments
  • Small, Medium and Large Scale Renovation Works
  • Demolition Works
  • Excavation Works
  • Infrastructure Development ans Renovation

Retail Store Developments

Time Lapse Video is ideal for Showcasing a Store Refit or Retro Fit Project from start to finish. Showing the Store from either a Freshly-Built or Prior Operating State and viewing the Re-Fit Process from start to finish brings a fantastic spotlight on the work involved in the Change of Concept whilst also giving a Highlighted "Before and After" view of the journey the store has been on. These types of projects are ideal for both the Company having the works completed and the Company performing the works as it benefits both side in promoting Business and Quality of Works

Common Time Lapse Video Projects for Store Developments

  • Retail Store Refit Proof Of Concept
  • Before and After Business Promotion
  • New Business Launches
  • Shopping Centre Redevelopments
  • Contractor Fit Out Works Business Promotion
  • Office and Warehouse Redevelopments
  • Vehicle Customisation Works
  • New Season / Promotional Sales Event Preparation Promo

Gardening and Landscape Development

Time Lapse Video is a perfect way of showing the complete work lifecycle of a Gardening or Landscaping Project. You can capture the journey the site has taken to transform it into the beautiful creation it has become. The promotional aspects of this are ideal for the Land Owners and the Contractors performing the works.

Common Time Lapse Video Projects for Gardening and Landscaping

  • Showcasing Transformation of a Garden / Area
  • Garden Centre Promotion
  • Horticultural Event Creation Spotlight
  • New Season / Stock Promotion
  • Sculpturing Services
  • Large Format Landscape Redevelopment

Corporate Events and Trade Shows

At any kind of Corporate large scale event or Trade Show, Capturing the experience with Time Lapse Video is a fantastic way to showcase your Events to Sponsors and Promote Events to Attendees. More and More Trade Shows and Corporate Events are using this method as a way of Marketing their event Success Stories and entice Potential New Visitors to the next organised event.

Common Time Lapse Video Projects for Corporate Events and Trade Exhibitions

  • Large Format Expo and Exhibition Promotion
  • Corporate Showcasing of Events Internall and Externally
  • Large Scale Public Events
  • Car Showroom Promotion
  • Large Scale Shopping Centre Sales Events (e.g. Black Friday)
  • Local Authority Places of Interest Promotion

Nature and Environmental

Time Lapse has been used for many years to Capture significant moments in our Environments. From Sunsets to Sunrises or Changing of Seasons all the way through to capturing significant moments in a creatures lifecycle. Capturing moments in Nature and the Environment is a fantastic way to visually tell a story about a location or event.
  • Public Area Use Showcasing
  • Promotion of Outdoor Activity Areas
  • Water Depth Level Changes over time
  • Outdoor Gala / Event Promotion
  • Visual Storytelling of an Area
  • Natural Habitation Changes

Customer Flow and Traffic Showcasing

Time Lapse is a perfect way to capture Human Behaviour over a longer period of time. Having a Time Lapse Service implemented in a busy Shopping Centre, Roadway, or Street can be used to showcase the usage of the targetted Project Area. This has many promotional
  • Customer Foot Flow Showcasing
  • Road and Motorway Capacity Review
  • Store Customer Flow Activity
  • High Street Customer Flow Promotion
  • Location Storytelling
  • Cityscape and Large Area Promotion

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